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Gartner calls "Office Printing - the last great area of uncontrolled costs".

The reason – "Not knowing Who is printing What and How much".


Organizations do not monitor, track & audit office document printing therefore having no control on Printing costs: Furthermore, unclaimed print jobs increase wasted expenses. Stop unnecessary printing to bring your costs down and GO GREEN as you will save on printing and paper.

To achieve this you will need a tool to Track, Monitor, Measure & Audit Users' printing activity.

Printlogz is a user-friendly tool to track, monitor and audit printing activity.

Printlogz is a revolutionary Print Auditing and Management Solution that succintly illuminates organisations on their printing costs through the compilation of the office document print activity across the organization's users. With the auditing logs of Printlogz ... You can know and control  WHO is printing WHAT and HOW MUCH!

Printlogz primarily works on Windows Editions program that lets users optimize printing, accurately track and measure printer usage with following information about each printed job:


Printlogz Secure Print will stop unclaimed wasted prints and Data Breach path when users do not collect print jobs. Additional Controls can be put in place by setting quotas to users using Printlogz Quota.

With Printlogz tracking print activity, unclaimed thus wasted print jobs and their costs can be cut. Just the fact that personnel know that their print activity is being monitored will promote responsible printing by cutting wasteful printing. This will reduce paper usage to cut your costs and help in ‘Going Green’ and also have Data Security GRC Compliance.

All of these will lead to savings of 10 - 43 % of your current printing costs.


PrintLogz is a path breaking print management software that helps organizations manage and control printing costs. You can monitor printing, set print quotas and recover costs with powerful but flexible features. PrintLogz integrates with your existing print servers to enable real-time printer monitoring, quota control, activity reports and pre paid options.




Monitor printing, reduce costs

Monitor printer usage and print jobs by users & departments. Detailed reporting identifies excessive printing, rationalizes printer utilization and eliminates waste.Just the presence of a printer monitoring package will eliminate wasteful printing activities.

Manage Printing

Administrators can manage enterprise printing through user management by automatically preventing duplicate print jobs, limiting access to color printers, or setting page count quotas for users. Administrators can configure the cost of print jobs to ascertain enterprise wise printing costs.

Set Limits with Print Quotas

Setting print quotas for users will limit excessive printing, restrict print jobs by number of pages, deny or limit color printing, and promote responsible resource use.

User Accounts

Assists users and promotes responsible printer usage with useful tools. A popup window shows account balances and notifies users if their allocated quota has utilised.

Charge back Print Costs

Assign print jobs to projects, clients or cases and charge the respective clients for the print jobs for the actual printing costs. The charge back can also be done through a pre paid scheme.

Extensive Reporting

Using any Web Bowser get access to many pre-built reports.Review detailed user statistics, printer activity and department budgets. Use the real-time reports that include charts and graphs to monitor printing activity and resources.

Easy to implement and User Friendly

Manage all your printers networked and local using an intuitive Web-based control interface. Most current printer driver formats already included in the Printlogz releases. This is an ongoing process with constant updates happening.

Save Money, Paper thus TREES and GO   gogreen

Printlogz will help save the organization up to 43%** in printing costs by eliminating unnecessary printing, reducing waste and encouraging responsible resource use. This saving in cost will also assist the environment as the savings are occuring through reduced paper usage. Thus you save Trees to GO GREEN.

Printlogz Versions

The ulterior motive of any print auditing and management solution should be efficiently and effectively manage the print users. Prospective clients in different sectors have varying needs. These essential unique needs have to be incorporated so that the print management and control are all encompassing.

Printlogz too have versions that are made to suit the individual needs of the targetted sectors.

When Print Jobs are to be mapped and controlled; Printlogz Quota is used. Here individual Quotas can be set for Each Mapped User. Whenever a User prints a job, it is Queued, User details are collected and checked with the Quota set for that User.

If the Print Job is within Quota Limits the Job is printed and Quota remaining is updated.

If the Print Job is going to exhaust the User's Quota or if the Quota is already exhausted, the Print Job is deleted from the Print Queue and User is informed to contact Administrator to increase the Quota.

In this Version by doing an Synch with Active Directory Server, the Users can be mapped to their respective Departments.



Doing this will enable Microsoft Excel Format reports that will list Users According to their Departments.

The Reports will have Details of Print jobs listed # User Wise # Printer Wise and Concise Summary Details like Highest Printing User & Highest Printing Device in a Descending Order.

Normally User's Print jobs are printed immediately after they are sent to the printer and remain in the output tray until collected. Many of these documents may never be collected by user.

These Unclaimed documents can become costly as Wasted prints or as a path for Data Breach, when unclaimed confidential documentsmay be picked up or glanced into by unauthorized individuals.

Fortunately, businessescan now address the potential Data Loss and Wasted Cost by implementing Printlogz Secure Track-Me Printing.

When Printlogz Secure Track-Me Printing is implemented Print Jobs are held in the Print Queue and printed only after the user confirms identity and presence near print device. If user does not confim and collect the print job within a set time interval, the print job is deleted from the print queue. This ensures that no print jobs are wasted and other users cannot 'unintentionally' view or collect any Confidential Print job.


Below is the Schematics of Printlogz Secure Print.


Printlogz Secure Track-Me Printing

Printlogz Secure Track Me Printing allows Users to fire Print Jobs to a Network Print Queue, Roam and Release their specific Print Job from any enabled print device in the network. This ensures printing is confidential to the user and reduces printed waste as unreleased documents will be deleted from the print queue after set time period. If a printer is Busy / Out of service, Users can Roam the next available printer and release their print jobs there , without disrupting productivity.

By giving users a secure and flexible printing topography, Printlogz Secure Track Me Printing empowers organizations to significantly reduce costs, protect data and enhanced manpower productivity.


Below is the Schematics of Printlogz Secure Track-Me Printing.

Read more about Printlogz Secure Track-Me Printing

Printlogz is awesome responsive software, with refreshingly clean technology

Print Audit and User Management Software

  • Print devices
    According to Device

    Here all the print jobs given on installed base of printers at the client's place are seen. The devices can be dot matrix, inkjet, laser printers, MFD or even digital copiers. By Selecting device from the drop down list you can view details of all the print jobs taken by all users on that device. These details can be exported into a MS Excel file to be used for susequent analysis.

  • Details by Users
    Details of All Print Jobs

    By selecting user from the list and giving a start and end date, you can view details of all print jobs that the user has taken.These details can be exported into a MS Excel file to be used for susequent analysis to ascertain Printing Cost incurred by that user.

  • Division / Department
    Details of All Print Jobs

    By selecting Department from the list and giving a start and end date, you can view details of all print jobs taken by user in the selected Department / Division.These details can be exported into a MS Excel file to be used for susequent analysis to ascertain Printing Cost incurred by that user.

  • Statistics
    According to Printers

    Most companies do not exact details on cost involved in printing in their premises. To cut cost you first need to measure present cost. This is where the Statistics feature of Printlogz will be of great help.

  • Statistics
    According to Users

    Monthly / daily pages printed along with costs are presented as graphs. This can be used as an auditing tool to fix cost and benchmark for cost cutting plans. Knowing the device usage patterns will help Accounts Managers assigns cost to arrive at the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the print devices. It will also help Purchase Managers plan for consumables requirements.