Printlogz Versions

Printlogz Versions

The ulterior motive of any print auditing and management solution should be efficiently and effectively manage the print users. Prospective clients in different sectors have varying needs. These essential unique needs have to be incorporated so that the print management and control are all encompassing.

Printlogz too have versions that are made to suit the individual needs of the targetted sectors.

When Print Jobs are to be mapped and controlled; Printlogz Quota is used. Here individual Quotas can be set for Each Mapped User. Whenever a User prints a job, it is Queued, User details are collected and checked with the Quota set for that User.

If the Print Job is within Quota Limits the Job is printed and Quota remaining is updated.

If the Print Job is going to exhaust the User's Quota or if the Quota is already exhausted, the Print Job is deleted from the Print Queue and User is informed to contact Administrator to increase the Quota.

In this Version by doing an Synch with Active Directory Server, the Users can be mapped to their respective Departments.



Doing this will enable Microsoft Excel Format reports that will list Users According to their Departments.

The Reports will have Details of Print jobs listed # User Wise # Printer Wise and Concise Summary Details like Highest Printing User & Highest Printing Device in a Descending Order.

Normally User's Print jobs are printed immediately after they are sent to the printer and remain in the output tray until collected. Many of these documents may never be collected by user.

These Unclaimed documents can become costly as Wasted prints or as a path for Data Breach, when unclaimed confidential documentsmay be picked up or glanced into by unauthorized individuals.

Fortunately, businessescan now address the potential Data Loss and Wasted Cost by implementing Printlogz Secure Track-Me Printing.

When Printlogz Secure Track-Me Printing is implemented Print Jobs are held in the Print Queue and printed only after the user confirms identity and presence near print device. If user does not confim and collect the print job within a set time interval, the print job is deleted from the print queue. This ensures that no print jobs are wasted and other users cannot 'unintentionally' view or collect any Confidential Print job.


Below is the Schematics of Printlogz Secure Print.


Printlogz Secure Track-Me Printing

Printlogz Secure Track Me Printing allows Users to fire Print Jobs to a Network Print Queue, Roam and Release their specific Print Job from any enabled print device in the network. This ensures printing is confidential to the user and reduces printed waste as unreleased documents will be deleted from the print queue after set time period. If a printer is Busy / Out of service, Users can Roam the next available printer and release their print jobs there , without disrupting productivity.

By giving users a secure and flexible printing topography, Printlogz Secure Track Me Printing empowers organizations to significantly reduce costs, protect data and enhanced manpower productivity.


Below is the Schematics of Printlogz Secure Print.