About Us

Who we are?

We are company started by A Group of Technocrats bound by a common interest to Design and Develop Systems and Solutions meant to resolve market issues faced in the realm of Office Printing. Our Corporate Vision has led to the creation of path breaking solutions to # PRINTABZ - Manage Print Devices and # PRINTLOGZ - Manage and Monitor Print Users.

Printlogz™ is a path breaking document print audit and user management software that helps organizations monitor, manage and control printing costs. Organizations can monitor printing, track print activity, set print quotas and recover costs with Printlogz. Integrating Printlogz with your print infrastructure through the print servers will enable real time print activity monitoring.

The presence of the monitoring solution will promote responsible printing and self control amongst employees. Additional controls can be set by assigning print quotas to limit unnecessary printing. Costs can be recovered by assigning the printing to specific cost headings.

Printlogz saves costs to the organization and helps it to GO GREEN by saving paper.

The powerful scalable features and ease–of–use through the browser based interface makes Printlogz a perfect choice for all businesses and educational institution big and small.

Corporate Overview

Avenir is a French word that means the ‘future’. The Future of print management is here with Printlogz™ and Printabz™.

Office Document Printing has been our core business since our incorporation in 2003.

The team at Avenir Peripheral Solutions Pvt. Ltd., since incorporation has assisted many organizations that include MNC, Health care providers, BFSI companies and a host of many companies involved in myriad businesses save substantially by optimizing their print fleet and supplies costs.

We understand office printing environments as, we have witnessed & felt the pain points faced by our clients and others in the realm of office document printing. This deep rooted domain knowledge is the basis for developing solutions that resolve issues both, technical & human.

We offer solutions that have combined the best technology with right processes to help companies become more productive and profitable through reduced costs. The 2 cost factors of office document printing are Print Device Users & the Print Devices themselves.

We are the only company worldwide that has created & offers solutions that take care of the 2 cost factors of office document printing. We take care of the technical issues through SNMP and human aspects through HNMP™ Human Nature Management Protocols.

Printlogz is our Print Auditing solution while Printabz is our Printer Management solution. These packages are the results of incorporating the most apt solutions for the problems faced by users’ world over.



Meet the Team

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Ashwin K RajFounder & M D

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Sobha AshwinCo-Founder

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G R "Raj" ReddyBoard Member

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BinuChief Software Architect

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Deepak SharmaChief Marketing Officer